Acceptance and All About It....

Hey everyone,

Today I am writing about a very common thing which all of us have experienced at some or the other point of time. That is ''ACCEPTANCE''. No wonder which stage of your life you are currently all of us are going through some or the other thing. Be it our work life,love life,family,etc. We keep on fighting to achieve our ambitions everyday but we tend to ignore the very purpose of our own existence.The very purpose of our life... a purpose for which we are living.It happens that a lot of us are going through something which we don't like but we are struggling to make it work our own way despite knowing the fact that it might or might not be that way...
         The moment we accept our circumstances that's where the battle ends.Struggling for something? Or FIGHTING FOR IT? Why do we always have to choose the difficult way?Why can't we just simplify the things little bit for the sake of our own selves?Life is short so is the path towards your dr…

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation Review

Hey Everyone,

Today I am reviewing one of the most famous foundation on the Blogosphere..Its the Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Foundation.

Rs 2650 for 30 ML

As it is visible in swatches the shade range of this foundation tends to lean more towards pinkish undertones so you have to be careful while selecting the shade. I have yellow undertones but it adjusts after a while still when built up too much will look ashy on the skin. 


It comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle. It dispenses the product very well so one can control the amount of product.

Clinique foundations have always been my favourite. I have used almost all of their foundations. My major concern while using any foundation is to slightly blur my imperfections and keep my face fresh for a longer period of time. Also, I have super sensitive skin and I tend to keep my make for longer than 12 hours everyday. This is a medium to full coverage foundation which c…

A Change....Transformation...My Journey

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Sometimes in life we do not understand what we are today and where we would stand years down the line...A journey from an immature young girl to an independent women was really difficult. I started this blog three years back and having returned today feels amazing. A lot happened in between. From completing my graduation to working as a Sales Associate in a makeup academy and then becoming a student again through Chartered Accountancy was no less than a transformation. With a great hope to continue I welcome you all to my blog...

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Pond's white beauty BB+ Fairness Cream Review

Heyyy everyone,

 I am reviewing the pond's white beauty BB+ Fairness cream today.Getting back to my hobby feels great.Although am still in the learning stage of blogging....LOL
I have recently given my final graduation exams and I am way too bored now sitting at home.During my college days I have used a lot of foundations and BB creams and this was a part of that collection.

Let's see how it fared on me.

Maybelline lip polish review

Hey everyone,
  Today i am reviewing the maybelline lip polish in glam 9.I bought this some weeks before as it was newly launched and because of the rave reviews all around the blogosphere.

Aroma magic mineral glow scrub review

Hello everyone,

I am back.How many times has it happened that we want to do something yet we can't do it.This has happened with me a lot of times.Same is the case with blogging. Apologies for being absent for a long time.Today I am reviewing one of my favourite scrub which is aroma magic mineral glow scrub.I am using this scrub since around two weeks.

Read on to know more.

Oriflame essentials 5 in 1 fairness Cream Review

Hiii lovelies,

Today I am reviewing a cream from Oriflame.I have always been very keen about the brand Oriflame.This is my first product from this brand.As soon as I got to know a consultant I ordered this cream along with a kajal and foundation as well.Reviews of remaining products coming soon.